24 March 2006

You put a spell on me

Last night the Farhydt and I traversed the windswept plains of Little Poland to visit Club Europa. Our original plan was to walk the couple of blocks to Northsix, but apparently they were/are shut down right now, so last night's show had to be moved. I'm glad it wasn't cancelled because that would have been an inhuman tragedy. You see, we trekked out to behold the might WITCH.
Now I've been a Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis fan since I was about 13. When the Hydt mentioned to me that he had a new project I immediately tracked down some, uh, tracks and have a listen. I think I called back about an hour later (he'll have to verify) saying that I got tickets and we're going, no ifs ands or buts.
We missed the first band Titan (or The Titan, or something) and showed up maybe halfway into Panthers' set. Having been a huge Orchid fan, I never quite took to the early garage-esque sounds of Panthers (much preferred Bucket Full of Teeth). It seems, though, that they've been heading off into the groovy depths of stonerdom, because some of their newer shit is right on. It's heavier and much more riff-laden that what I had heard and they didn't display any of the rock'n'roll pretense that so often comes with garage-rock. Kudos.
After a smoke break Witch took the stage. I had only heard two tracks of theirs because I don't have any money to buy any albums right now, but man did they crush with all of their material. Heads were banging throughout the house. Club Europa became a temporary chamber of epileptics, as the music surged and pulsated like the incoming tide.
Witch is a bubbling cauldron of riffs, licks and solos powered by thunder. These guys know how to write songs and play off one another like nobody's business. As soon as I have money I'm buying the album. Hell, I may not have the patience to wait.

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