26 March 2006

Grab Bag of Super

First off, a mention for Prowler and Team Robespierre who bring the awesome every time they come out and play. Since the addition of Mike on bass, TR has gotten tighter and tighter and the new material continues to impress. They'll have a split 10" coming out soon with the project formerly known as Death By 1000 Cuts (not sure of their new name, etc. right now). If you want to understand what a robot zombie's internal dialogue is like, then check out Team Robespierre. LONG LIVE THE TEAM!
Team Robespierre

Prowler is a fucking slay-ride of fist-in-the-air street metal that only crazy people can dance to. Their rumbling rhythm section is joined by dueling guitars and fronted by phenomenally operatic witchery. I don't know if they have any new recording in the works right now, but they have a couple songs on their myspace page for the time being. The real magic, however, happens live, so keep yer goddamn eyes peeled.

And just for kicks, check out this photo and story on a two-headed baby!!!!!
Two headed baby

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The Slexx said...

eh, I should have said "God save the team," but I didn't. I don't believe in god anyway, so whatever.