14 March 2006

Steroidal Politics

How about a nice round of applause for Electricity Bill. Just because we on the Spaceship Bastille (it's so hard not to write "spaceshit") like good music and aren't complete assholes doesn't mean we have to ignore professional sports. Okay, so yeah, we totally ignore american football 'cos it's worthless, but basketball and real football (soccer) are beautiful games. And we pay attention.
And while I'm thinking of it, check out this list of sports-related people who donated money to political interests. There are some obvious ones on here, but a few surprises, too. And your suspicion that one of your favorite players donated money to Bush-Cheney could be confirmed. By "favorite" I mean somebody I completely detest: A-Rod. What a fucking loser.
Sports Political Donations


Electricity Bill said...

And who woulda thought good ol' Clyde The Glide would be a Bush/Cheney guy? Not I. It is kinda cool to see that every other pro basketball dude except for Clye and Karl "AIDS victims can blow me" Malone are on the liberal side of things.

The Slexx said...

All the golfers are republicans except John Daly (a drunk) and Brad Faxon (from Rhode Island).

And pretty much everyone associated with basketball is more liberal. Except a few college coaches, Clyde and the Mailman, and Dr. J gave money to Arlen Spector (which isn't that bad, i guess).

check out the celebrities page, it's exactly what conservatives rail against. pretty funny. kinda.

Farhydt said...