21 March 2006

Today I listened to...

So I've spent pretty much my entire waking day listening to new stuff, some atrocious and some really good. To begin, I had gotten some cds yesterday from burningangel to review for their site. None of it has been good so far and the preeminent piece of garbage was by a band called Heroine. I wrote up a post for BA which will probably get posted tomorrow. I absolutely refuse to mention this band anymore, so I won't bother to post that here. Goddamn it was truly a piece of shit.

On the upside, though, I had a listen to Yob's The Unreal Never Lived. This was my introduction to Yob and I thought it was fantastic. I'll write something proper for it after I've listened more as I was making lunch while it was on, but it sounded great and put me in a better mood after suffering through the aforementioned sonic atrocity.

Right now I have Bolt Thrower's Those Once Loyal on and I could take it or leave it. I've only reached track 3, but so far most of it lacks distinction. Too much straightforward double bass (no breakdowns, though, which is nice) and I'm not a fan of the gutteral (not quite cookie-monsterish) vocal style. It does rock a bit, but I've heard much better and much more interesting stuff before.

But yeah, I'm gonna listen to Yob again.

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