10 March 2006

Death By Kite

Holy Fuck!

When I say "death by kite" I'm not referring to some small rodent being gobbled up by that relative of the falcon or hawk. I'm talking about a 4-year old Pakistani boy who was maimed by a kite and bled to death!!
Apparently in Pakistan (and probably other parts of the kite-enthused world) duel participants coat their strings with some sort of glass shard paste
. When one kite cuts the string of the other kite, the operator of the survivor wins (obviously, I guess).
In this case, the little boy got caught up by one of those gnarly kite strings and died before they could even bring him to the hospital.
Don't believe me? Read more here: Death By Kite

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Farhydt said...

i'm glad you wrote that: i'm speechless.