16 March 2006

Aldo Moro and the Fascists

Today is the 28th anniversary of the kidnapping of former Italian PM, Aldo Moro. Supposedly taken hostage by the Brigate Rosse (Red Brigades), he was held for several days and then his body was found in the trunk of a car in Rome.
While many cling to the belief that the leftist Red Brigades committed this act, a more plausible explanation for this lies in the revelations that most of the terror acts committed in Italy around this time—and blamed on the leftists—were actually carried out by fascist cells. Of course this will be dismissed as "conspiracy theory" despite the fact that subsequent investigations by Italian governments have shown this to be the case and that people involved have corroborated the stories.
Anyway, I guess this is just a reminder that whenever some sort of terror act takes place to scare the general population into accepting situations that aren't in their best interest (oh, like say, 9/11 or the London bombings) it's probably the work of fascists and their sympathizers in government.
For more fun information on this stuff google or wiki-search P2 (Propaganda Due), a far-right Masonic lodge that claims as members pretty much every right-wing Italian there is, including current jackass PM Berlusconi. I'm not for killing people, but I agree that the only good fascist is a dead fascist.

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