09 March 2006

54345 is #1

What is "The Palindrome," you ask? At first it was just a new apartment in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Within a month of a handful of folks moving in, it became an underground music phenomenon. Literally. In our basement. We that live here put on ten shows in three months, much to the dismay of some of the neighbors (others thought it was the best thing that ever hit the hood).
Anyway, once we got shut down for show purposes, Housemate Mary (that's what we call her round these parts), parlayed her booking expertise into an actual production "thing." I tried my hand at it, but I couldn't be bothered dealing with dodgy venue folks and band people all the time. (I am a "band people" so I know what we're like and I don't ever want to deal with me.)

So to make a short story even longer, keep yer eyes on The Palindrome site for show updates and other fun stuff that we're all up to. And while yer at it, check out Binge & Purge, which is Mary's zine. Issue #2 just came out featuring an interview with Matt Pike and a sociology experiment on gender and heavy music (plus the other requisite rantings, reviews and rubbish that zines gotta have).


Farhydt said...


The Slexx said...

eh, it was an alliteration.

Geoff said...

Thanks for the shoutout Alex. The new address for the B&P site is http://www.bingeandpurge.net . Keep on rocking in the free world.

Farhydt said...

geoff's right