23 July 2008

You'll Never Get Anything Done Ever Again

While today is my day off, Noga certainly can't claim the same for herself, so she's been busy entertaining myself and herself with this handy little online gadget. I was planning on doing day-off things like selling old books, reading new books and laughing at the comments on Deadspin. However, all that has been hijacked and now I can't stop text-to-voicing. This experience has convinced me that no matter the positive changes I make or the goals I try to set for even just a day, my juvenile brain is far too easily distracted to ever do good for itself.

Thanks, Noga. Thanks a million.

(Oh, and I prefer Charles' voice for my text)


Also, what the hell is happening here? Is this photo staged? Today must be officially Stupid Wednesday. I need to eat some peanut butter now.


noga said...

you're welcome alex!

and nice picture.

that guy is like superman, except he's kind of a douche.


quick, i gotta sell the rights to the weinstein's before someone beats me in the balls to it.

will smith? hi, its about your next role. you're a super hero. your power? crazy staged looking punches to the balls. at first you just do it for shits and giggles but after a while you randomly get all moral and just and use your power to punch people in the balls while wearing stupid douchebag hats to fight evil.

oh yeah and the movie's really about black power. yes, jazzy jeff can score it. yes it will have catchy punch lines like "bam! hows that for a punch line?" and "you've got some serious balls, lizard man. and i just can't wait to punch them". great, see you on set.

Alex said...

there ya go! now THAT is the worst comment you've ever left.

noga said...

thanks! your blog inspires me to thrive for excellence.

Alex said...

I'm pretty sure you mean "strive".

noga said...

way to make fun of an immigrant, asshole. why don't you just deport me back to mexico?

that way there will be no more spelling mistakes in your perfect little world!

noga said...

you know what, alex? fuck my blog. from now on i'm just gonna do all my writing in your comment section.