23 July 2008

Slow News Week

Not much of anything has been going on in the bubble universe I inhabit, hence the lack of postings. This past weekend I ventured back to Massachusetts to visit my family (and drink my dad's homebrews, eat free food and also eat more food) and came back with materials to give a second go at becoming a green thumb. I love having plants around my apartment—one of the good things about living with my friend Molly (she's a gardener)—but I'm pretty bad at keeping them alive and healthy. Given that my mum is pretty damn good at gardening, I should, theoretically, be much better at it. So she sent me on my way back to Brooklyn with some dirt, a few containers and some Coleus seeds. I guess she figured these shouldn't be hard to care for and they're also colorful little fellas. She gave me the assorted/rainbow pack, which means I have no idea what colors are going to sprout upon my windowsill. That's something I shall discover—unless I commit some sort of flora shmashmortion—in 7-14 days.

This is the sort of chlorophyll-fueled fireworks display I may get...


Bibliophile said...

I couldn't remember where I'd heard shmashmortion before, probably because I first read it as smash-mortion, and probably because I was under the influence of a different kind of flora when I heard it, so I looked it up on urbandictionary. Here is the underwhelming result.

1. shmashmortion

Fictional word which has no purpose other than to rhyme with abortion. Famously featured in the movie "Knocked Up".

I won't say it but it rhymes with shmashmortion.

(Personally, I like smashmortion better. I can't tell you what it means, but it probably involves violence.)

noga said...

i got some supplies you can work on your brown thumb with, heyyyyo.

no need to thank me, alex! dragging your blog into the deep dark bowels of 4th grade humor and zero class is just what i do. don't call me a hero, its my basic duty. heh. duty.