10 July 2008

A Belated "Thank You"

To whomever in Egypt checked this space out recently. I don't exactly know upon which day you accomplished said feat, but you became the first person on the African continent to visit my precious blog. It took two years, but hey, now we can all move on together.

Having said that let's get a visitor from Sub-Saharan Africa now! C'mon Gabon, c'mon Cote D'Ivoire, c'mon Malawi, hurrah Tanzania! Hey, maybe I can get a visitor from that marvelously named capital of Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou!

(Ouag-gonna get myself to bed now. gou-night.)

1 comment:

noga said...

congrats alex!!

there are few highs that compare to the rush of getting your first african reader.

i still remember when it first happened to me, it was a brisk autumn day.. and someone from algeria tuned in. my life changed forever that day.