10 July 2008

At The Gates Was Awesome

So I haven't posted much on here lately because I've been writing poetry...and listening to At The Gates in preparation for their show tonight at The Fillmore Mid-Atlantic States East Coast New York City Borough of Manhattan at Irving Plaza. Thanks to the freakishly hurricanoidal rain shower I got caught in (my pants are still attempting to dry 5 hours later, thank you) I missed Toxic Holocaust and 90% of Municipal Waste. So that kinda blows. I did get to see Darkest Hour, who had their moments, but their songs just aren't particularly interesting (I took a needed peepee break). Then...

Chanting and singing and fist pumping and sweet drums-into-double-time! Man, twelve years after breaking up these dudes brought it heavier than those clouds brought buckets of
god's urine down on me. I think they played every song I wanted/needed to hear, plus a bunch of old-ass deep cuts. Like 1st EP deep cuts. Holy Sverige! The best part was that they were all smiling and laughing the whole time as if they were having more fun than everyone in the crowd (and trust me, the crowd was having a good time). Great show, ol' chaps, great show.

Also, I noticed something humourous (at least to juvenile me). When Darkest Hour came on somebody lit up some schwaggy herb that smelled like bad high school party. Then, when At The Gates took stage, somebody else lit up. Only this time it was the super dank smelling stuff that the white rasta hippies in college got from time to time. The differences between these tokers pretty much says everything you need to know comparing the qualities of those bands.

Um, I'm not sure that last paragraph made any sense. I spent all afternoon with my friend Sophie at the DalĂ­ exhibit at MoMA so from that point on my brain hasn't made much in the way of logical, rational connections between much of anything. Sorry.

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Wayne said...

Man I'm looking VERY forward to this hitting Chicago on Monday. Everyone is raving about these NYC shows.