10 July 2008

I Like Science. A Lot.

noga: personally i like the phrase - knee deep in pussy
but thats also kinda gross
and usually impossible
Sent at 2:17 PM on Thursday
me: yeah, that's kinda gross
noga: hahah
me: i wouldn't mind a nice dry hump on my leg, though
noga: eeeeew
me: it'd be like high school, or a second date
noga: yeah
young love!
i remember those..
me: ah, how romantic
having no idea what the fuck you're doing
kissing sloppily and poorly
noga: yeeeeahhh
me: bra clasps from hell
those were certainly awkward days
Sent at 2:23 PM on Thursday
noga: thankfully girls in williamsburg dont wear bras anymore
Sent at 2:25 PM on Thursday
me: well, i'm willing to do the research personally and make sure that is a factual statement
Sent at 2:26 PM on Thursday
noga: you're so kind and selfless
a saint, really
me: it's all in the name of science
noga: i'm willing to match your research
me: to find guys who don't wear bras?
noga: by looking into whether guys with super tight pants actually have penises in there
me: zing
noga: (current theory: no)
me: yeah, i'm also intruigued, but not interested in touching
noga: don't worry, i'll do the touching
you just sttand there with a clipboard and take notes
me: how can i possibly hold a clipboard with my hands (hopefully) full of boob
(just so you know, this segment of our conversation is clearly going to my blog)
Sent at 2:30 PM on Thursday
noga: dude we're not going to conduct our experiments AT THE SAME TIME
we're going to monitor each other's experiments
cuz your analytical skills will be that of a retarded child when you're busy grabbing boobs
you need an object indifferent partner
objective even
man this whole typing words thing is harder than it used to be
me: sorry, i was distracted by boob thoughts
noga: i rest my case

(note to any future female suitors: I still may have trouble with your bra clasps. Consider yourself warned)

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