29 May 2008

Good Show Reminder, Saturday 5/31

For anyone in the Brooklyn area this coming Saturday, head on over to The Charleston for what should be an awesome show featuring some friends' bands. Anyone who is into mathy, jazzy challenging music that really tears ass should make a point to be at this show. Not only is The Charleston a pretty good bar/venue, they also have free pizza with your beer order. I don't know how you could say 'no' now, eh. Of course, I know people will say, "But this means I have to go to Williamsburg on a Saturday night and that sucks." I will agree with you that being on Bedford Ave on a weekend is like being in a special circle of Hell, but all the fakery stops at The Charleston's door, because shitty people hate good music (for the most part) and anyway, you'll be in the basement.

Saturday, May 31
8:30pm, $? (cheap or free?)
The Charleston, 174 Bedford Ave, W-burg Brooklyn

Yukon - Charm City post-hardcore, these guys were great last time I saw 'em
STATS - Jazz yr face off rock music without bullshit.
Maw - 3 assholes and no bass player.
Liturgy- Hunter from Birthday Boyz's solo project. Justin from Maw says this is awesome. I trust Justin.

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