06 June 2008

Yeah, Yeah, I Know...

I totally forgot to do my wednesday randomness again. That means it's not gonna be a regular feature. However, I missed it for three good reasons:

1) Yacht Rock. Somebody told me about this a while back and I forgot. Then I finally saw episode one and watched the next ten in succession. So awesome. (thanks, Julie!) You can go visit their site or just watch the episodes on YouTube.

2) Recording. Chris, our bassist, had an open day at his studio which we took advantage of to do demos and whatnot. I will be sending updates soon regarding band-related stuff as we have a new name (Maze Controller) after lineup changes and more songwriting...

3) The Wire. Thanks to Noga for lending me season 1 of The Wire. I used to work at the editing house where they did The Wire (this was just after season 1) and never knew what the hype was because I didn't have cable. Now I completely get it. This is worthwhile television (and yes, by that I mean to call it art).

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