25 June 2008

Today's Failed Experiment

Well, it appears my attempt at live-blogging today's game was an utter failure. Not even ten minutes into the game the Coveritlive program I was using repeatedly went "offline" even though I was online. So between trying to actually watch the game and get the thing working, I decided I'd rather watch the game. Luckily, that's exactly the point the game got going and Ügur Boral bundled in after a rebound off the woodwork. Should Lehmann have saved that shot? Most likely, but he tried to pull off a Casillas and block with his feet. So far Lehmann has been suspect in goal with a few misjudgments that are, well, fairly typical of an unfocused Jens.

Germany's goal through Schweinsteiger was a moment of brilliance and Turkey's defence should have done better with Podolski's cross, but otherwise it was a sweet move. Other than that move, though, I haven't seen that much from the Germans and was expecting more out of them. The Turks continue to impress with their movement off the ball and sheer determination to go on despite missing their three best players (and a few more). To make the game even better a clash of heads left Simon Rolfes to receive stitches above his left eye and his Turkish counterpart to get staples in his skull! F'ing staples, right on the sidelines!

Awesome, here comes the second half...

That was interesting. What proved to be a relatively uneventful half hour suddenly went black as lightning messed up the international feed. Of course, two goals were scored in the next seven minutes and the feed came back online. It's marginally reassuring that I wasn't the only one having technical problems today, but man, I really would like to see those goals. Luckily we got to see Lahm's winning goal before the screen went black again. I'm tempted to keep this headcold for another day, call out of work and watch tomorrow's match. Unfortunately I need the money and have to go in. Ugh, tomorrow's match should be awesome.

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