07 May 2008

The 7th Grade School Dance in My Skull

For the past week I've been plagued by bad songs entering my brain from the void (or somewhere near the void). Last week I woke up to some Richard Marx song I don't know the title of (thank heavens!) because somebody was blasting it out on the street. I'm still baffled by that, since I live on a majority Latino block and 90% of the time the music I hear is Caribbean or Latin. Richard Marx? Please...
While I had the good fortune of not remembering Mr. Marx's song, I have yet to get another more insidious song out of my head. That's right, it's none other than that #1 hit song in '94, then-staple of middle school dances and all-around catchy tune: Ini Kamoze's "Here Comes The Hotstepper". (You can thank me later when this gets stuck in your head for weeks on end)

Bonus!!! Did y'all catch the JMZ train? Bushwick/Bed-Stuy rep


noga said...

is it "i sweeeear i left her by the riiiiver"?

Alex said...

no, it's some other terrible richard marx song. i emphatically do not celebrate his entire catalog.