14 May 2008

Best Postcards Ever

This first card comes to you from Budapest. When I was there in 2003 I visited Szobor Park, the 'burial ground' of the city's Communist-era monuments. The place is wickedly surreal, as it is located up on a bucolic hillside in the western suburbs. The place is literally squat in the middle of a residential neighborhood, surrounded by houses and some trees and powerlines. Why they chose that spot I have no idea. I also have no idea what the photographer was thinking when they took this picture, nevermind what anyone was thinking when they decided to turn it into a postcard. Anyway, this place was great and as soon as I return to Budapest, I'm heading right back to the park.

This other 'best postcard ever' came to me a few years ago via the lovely and talented Allison Cekala. If anyone has an actual collection of amazing postcards, it's most likely her. As soon as she gets her website up and running, I'll link to it (hint, hint...Alli, get on that, eh!). As for this card, it's from Mexico somewhere and features what I imagine is a battle between legions of the dead. Whatever it is it's rad as hell and I keep it tacked up on my wall next to that chubby Magyar baby.

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