05 April 2006

Wreck Room wrecks again

Quick mention on last night's show at the Wreck Room. I will be posting reviews soon on Deadbird and The Heuristic (and here as well). Both of these bands were fucking great and I'm glad I didn't get all lazy and stay in on a Tuesday. Honorable mention should also go out to their openers, Neurolytic Collapse. If you haven't checked out Deadbird or The Heuristic (don't confuse them with the california band. I'm reppin' for Boston here) go do that right now and support these bands.

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Farhydt said...

he's right. i woke up today with no pocket money because heuristic and deadbird were breakfasting on it.

deadbird's emmissions dvd sounds fantastic, as does heuristic's album 'parapraxies'.

seek these people out when you can. last night was a fourteen head festival.