12 April 2006

The Genius of Dr Dino

So now that your day is starting or ending or in the middle somewhere, you want your daily dose of hilarity. And you want it combined with your daily dose of horror (the kind that stems from obscene levels of ignorance and stupidity) for good effect. A fine Australian gentleman (finally! full disclosure: I'm sketched out by Australians) has webbified the musings of [Christian] scientist Kent Hovind for all of our shock and amusement (bemusement?).
If you've never heard of Dr. Dino (aka Kent Hovind) I'm here to help you out. I recently got turned on to the "genius" of Mr. Hovind while keeping my brain stimulated by Scientific American magazine (online where a good deal of it is free!). It appears that Kent Hovind is an avid creationist (the Young-Earth type, none of those sissy Day-Agers) who firmly believes an incredible amount of bullshit and actually challenges scientists to debate him. There's too much great stuff for you to read, so I won't bother summarizing any more of it. GO READ!

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