02 April 2006


This will be short, as I am currently on day three in the awful process of transcribing a video interview for a friend's work project. My brain is made of pea soup right now. I have about 3 hours in which to finish going through 25 minutes of tape, so the race is on.
However, I must give it up to Triac and Dactyl who came up from Baltimore and killed at Northsix last night. As usual my chronically late ass missed the first band (which I always love, since my band tends to be an opener, so I know the feeling), but the B-more kids fucking rocked the fishtank. Dear Tonight played next, but most of us apparently were at Anytime drinking $1 PBRs and not listening to a band in which everyone has the same haircut and general fashion sense. Their bassist, Randy, is a nice guy, but their singer seems a dick and the rest of 'em are totally non-descript screamo fellas in girl jeans. The Holy Mountain closed things out to great effect. By their name I expected something more psych-esque, but it was really just well-done d-beat stuff for the crusty crowd. I always tend to dig that stuff despite the requisite white boy with dreads being an ass in the crowd (in this case yelling about how Buffalo, NY is great).

But yeah, fucking Triac and Dactyl, man. Eight rad dudes who are fun to chill with and know how to rock. That sounds fucking corny. It's not supposed to be. Support the shit out of these guys. They work hard and deserve it.


Farhydt said...

i have a triactyl pin.

agreed: these bands go all out!

Farhydt said...

but nice guys?

come on be fair.

The Slexx said...

yeah, i guess "nice" is a subjective term. they eat raw human remains, but they do it with a smile.