10 April 2006

As If We Didn't Know

So the Washington Post and Al Jazeera report today that the US military has "overstated" the significance of terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi. That makes me feel better, because if this guy could really appear simultaneously at locations hundreds of miles apart to commit the kinds of bombings and kidnappings he was blamed for, I'd definitely be scared shitless. I mean, we're talking about super-hero level abilities!
As reality would suggest, however, this is just another case of the US fearmongering. And my god are they getting more and more obvious about it. I mean, seriously, we used to have amazing psychological warfare capabilities. Now we just have Karen Huges, Condi Rice, Scott McClellan and the various martial-bureaucrats who like gush toddler-esque dribble to the press. Any idiot can see through this. Which is why we don't fund schools anymore.


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