13 January 2008

Sunday Quickie

I've been sitting at my computer all day backing up files because my old backup drive was stolen along with my guitar and some 7"s on xmas eve. Seriously, who steals at little backup drive? Can you get a bunch of money for those? Do you just want my embarrassing files like my college thesis and some bad writing I did four years ago? Did you assume I had my iTunes folder backed up on there?
Anyway, in between copying bursts I read a great piece by Steven Pinker in today's Sunday Times Magazine. It's on the development of morality in humans and anyone that's even remotely interested in the subject will surely enjoy it and have plenty of think about and discuss with friends or coworkers or invisible entities that they maintain are near. I haven't read any books by Pinker, but I plan on it, as soon as I read the other however-many books I have to my "to-read" list.
In other news it's gonna snow here tonight, the Pats won last night and will now face the Chargers next weekend (I'm a bit disappointed, however, that we won't have a chance to defeat the Colts again on the way to the Super Bowl). Some good things had to happen this weekend to offset my manager-less Newcastle United getting thrashed by Man U. Ugh...

"The Moral Instinct" @ NYTimes.com

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