26 January 2008


Sometimes you just have one of those nights. I think I was still a little bit delirious on Friday after having seen Mastodon and Neurosis at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple (Hank from Stay Fucked was there, too, and posted a good review on his site, Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches). That place was awesomely creepy and good for exploring of the type that non-masons probably aren't supposed to partake in whatsoever.
But I digress. Friday night I was chillin with Sam, he who used to post here on basketball until he got too lazy, before heading out on the town. To give an idea of what kind of mood we were in, a snippet of conversation:

S: "It's not very often you're the only person in the world doing something at a given time, but I think right now we're the only people in the world watching the Australian Open Women's Final and listening to One Last Wish..."
A: "...and really stoned..."
S: "yes."

And later that night, with the aid of our good friend Stefan, we're pretty sure we created the world's longest (and therefore, BEST) portmanteau:

A.C. Earlgreyhoundofbaskervillageidiotsavantguardianangelofdeath-

if you have a better one, we'd love to hear it.

Stefan and Dirk going to the spring semiformal

Not really sure how Stefan got himself into this mess! What wacky guy!

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