11 January 2008

I've got TWO Golden Tickets!

To go see NEUROSIS and MASTODON and neither of them are for you, unless your name is Nick Salek, which is probably isn't, because Nick doesn't read blogs (at least as far as I know). What would make this better is if instead of Nick I had some awesome girl coming with me, but since that's just a pipe-dream, might as well bring along my bandmate (other bandmate, Jeremy, where are you? Get yr damn ticket!).
I'm wicked excited cos I've never seen Neurosis live before and satan, mother of god, they're playing with Mastodon (or vice versa, whatever). Now I just have to make it through another two weeks intact.

On a completely different note, I've somehow managed to trick a slew of folks from around the world to visit this site, but I've yet to sucker anyone from Africa. WAKE UP, AFRICA! I know you're busy preparing for the African Cup of Nations, but take two seconds and visit me so that I can get a pretty dot on your vastly underappreciated (and undernourished) and overexploited -- yet astoundingly beautiful -- continent.

(there, that nod to the ACoN should do the trick...)

1 comment:

Liam said...

I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only one who uses Nick as a surrogate pseudo-girlfriend.