29 May 2007

Google Strikes Again

Sorry for the utter lack of updates lately, but I do have a handful of records that should (and I emphasize "should") be arriving today. That means good things are coming, but I always say shit like that.
Anyway, the real reason for this post is that Google has developed an amazing new way to distract you from work. Or in my case, given that I work in the amazing world of NYC real estate, a plausibly work-related way to procrastinate.

Google StreetView. (c'mon, do I really have to link to that? ok, fine.) For serious nerds like me, you can now tour street-level through Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. For now this is way to awesome, though I'm sure at some point it'll get tired. Fortunately, the good folks at Google are probably already working on that.

I've also more personal news to spew, as my band, Warmth, has a bunch of shows in the city during the next month. If you're into mathy noise rock, or noisy math rock, come check us out. At the very least, come to the show with Stay Fucked and Archaeopteryx, because they're awesome.

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