23 March 2007

Slaving the Parochial Nimrod

In yesterday's post I completely neglected to mention that Asshole Parade and The Holy Mountain were going to be playing at 538 Johnson in Brooklyn. Well anyone who was around and didn't go totally lost out because it was one of the raddest shows I've been to in a while. Last night was my first visit to 538 and at least as far as I've seen, the place doesn't disappoint. It's the perfect loft for punk rock shows and the kids (i.e.; folks younger than my aging 26) were tearing it up (the place was packed, btw.).
There's a whole gymbag of shows scheduled there in the upcoming months. I'm particularly excited about Coliseum and The Young Widows. It will be my turn to make up for getting kicked out of Northsix during Coliseum's set last fall. Can't wait...
538 Johnson schedule

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