22 March 2007

Longmont Potion Castle

I just recently got turned on to something I wish I had heard long, long ago. No, it's not "music" per se, but it is so wonderful on the ears. Longmont Potion Castle is one man, a telephone and a cheapo recording device. These aren't just simple stupid prank calls a la Jerky Boys, this is total surrealist telephonic rediculism. I can't possibly explain this other than say it's fucking hilarious and there are 5 volumes of this or something. Go to the website, then send me a thank-you rod.
A lot of this stuff is out of print I think, but you can probably search it on soulseek or oink or other findy-type places on the internet.

Longmont Postion Castle


Berg said...

That was like listening to an alien try to figure out how to use a phone. F'ing weird, man.

Toni said...

My brother gave me a tape years ago and I really wish I still had it. My kids and I thought it was pretty hilarious.