15 December 2008

Best Napkin Art Ever.

Last night my band played its first show in a year and a half. It's essentially a new band and we're still working out a name, though I'll have more news on that soon (along with a few demo tracks, hopefully). Anyway, there were a few hiccups last night (Violent Bullshit apparently never committed and Said Fury may just break up), but they may have just been blessings in disguise because the three of us that played ripped. A ton of people showed up, which was a bit shocking as they seemed to arrive while I played our first song with my eyes closed.

Not to toot my (our) own horn, but folks really enjoyed our set, so that's encouraging, because, frankly, we had no idea what was going to happen. MAW and ANIMAL put in stellar sets as well, so we all had a big metal-ly love fest afterwards. That was also nice because none of us seem to be able to handle compliments and things kinda get awkward, even though it's nice to hear.
However, I'm proud to post here the finest compliment of the night, courtesy of Noga and Liam:

I think we have a winning t-shirt design on hour hands.


noga said...

aww, thats sweet.

i have to give the credit to liam though. he came up and executed the whole thing.

all i did was offer emotional support, choose a dick (the circumcised one. jewish. duh.) and sign it.

although if you look carefully you'll notice my heart is much bigger than liam's.

and you know what they say about people with big hearts.



i don't know.


noga said...

also, "hour hands"!!


(hour hands is a good bandname. do it.)