06 August 2008

Nobody Remembers the Trivia Runners-up

Tuesday night is Trivia Night at The Charleston and last night I made my first appearance. Call it beginner's luck if you must, but my team Lazy Nick Salek put in a rather spectacular showing. Consisting of myself, John and Noga (and Noga's Israeli friend, Tom, who, frankly, didn't speak much English but was a nice bloke) busted out a 2nd Place prize of a $15 bar tab. Really, it should have been us holding the ultimate trophy of a $30 bar tab, but the winning team had, like, 15 people on it. I hope you all enjoyed your half-beers losers!

Anyway, next week I plan on cruising into pole position (or something) and picking up that grand $30 prize. Presumably there won't be a joke category, as there was last night, based solely on questions relating to Michael Rapaport's career (that guy sucks). I'm really hoping for fewer questions that are based on pop-culture—though that shit is trivial—and instead more based on things like geography (Sinhalese live in Sri Lanka, Steve, not Madagascar. Simpleton.) I'm good at that shit.


Oh, and clearly this means that I didn't read the Unabomber Manifesto last night like I planned. However, this being Wednesday and my day off, I'll get to it as soon as my headache wanes.


noga said...

dude, no pop culture trivia renders me useless to team lazy nick salek. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

Liam said...

Please let me put my waste-of-a-brain trivia knowledge to use with you guys!