28 February 2008

...In which Alex resolves a pointless argument

The other night Sam (he who once posted on basketball here) and I engaged in a debate on which was the better early Today Is The Day album. He stuck to his stupid guns and remains (I'm assuming, since this was less than a week ago) convinced that Willpower is superior. I, on the other hand, am of the belief that the self-titled (Today Is The Day) surpasses its predecessor. Degenerate drunks as we are, the "discussion" trailed off into some haze mixed of Czech beer and assholery that, if not for the power of spacetime, may have continued unabated into some future that we are all better off not having ever experienced. Not that there is ill will of any sort, just that we are opinionated and rational discourse beer doth not procure.
So to Spike Lee the shit out of this, I'm gonna state my firm opinion that none of TITD's albums top Sadness Will Prevail. And in a grand gesture symbolic of where drunken arguments about music hardly ever fail to lead, I bring to you a video from that majestic double album: "The Descent"

Today Is The Day plays NYC on St. Patrick's day.


Hexenzsene said...

you're drunk.

Hexenzsene said...

also, as said drunk person, i'd like to say that i like both of the albums in question a lot. i just think willpower has a bit more of that early 90's feel that i like so much. That being said, it's hard to get past kai pirahna without realizing what a great record TITD is going to be.

Alex said...

i want to touch the early '90s all over again. all over and over. i want to have sex with the early '90s. the early 1490s.