28 November 2007

This Guy Is Way Smarter Than You

Neil deGrasse Tyson Death By Black Hole

This guy is hilariously informative. I highly recommend everybody read this book even if you're not into having your mind blown by science. It immediately places Dr. Tyson in the "Carl Sagan pantheon of great scientists who make the amazing accessible for the lay man". Seriously, who needs religion and spirituality when you can be enrapt with wonder by the very workings of our bodies, our planet, our universe!!!


Sophre$h said...

Spirituality, as far as I define it for myself, is nothing less than being enraptured with wonder by the very workings of our bodies, this planet, and the universe.

Alex said...

fair point, though i think yours is a quite different definition than most people would use.

i'm altogether unsure what a "spirit" is, so i tend to just leave it out.