01 August 2006

Nothing to do with the Middle East.

Fascist Fascist - s/t
Reptilian Records

So this is one that I got here a little while back, but didn't get around to at the time. In the months that have passed, though, this band has seen some lineup changes. Most prominently, vocalist Ellie Beziat has moved on --and hopefully we'll hear from her on some new projects, because she's what made this band for me. Her exuberance and attitude reminded me of an even more pissed off kathleen hanna fronting a band that sounds alternately like Black Flag and Career Suicide. This is no female-fronted gimmick band, dammit, she IS the band. Musically they're not really anything special, it's basically uptempo punk rock that's a bit on the sloppy side. But the vocal delivery and the message in the lyrics (and I'm not sure who is responsible for those) is what truly stands out here. If their live show was anything like the record, they must have been fun as hell. I think the remaining members will have a difficult time replacing Ellie so I'm very interested in what any new material will offer. At least check out this album, though.

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